Meditation Evening Meeting

Aici găsiţi descrierea meditaţiei în limba română: Meditatia OSHO Evening Meeting.

This meditation is done daily in every Osho Meditation Center, and it represents the moment of the day when all sannyasins are celebrating their meeting with their Master, Osho.

Stage 1: Celebration through Dance

This meeting starts with energizing music that you are invited to dance totally. Let the energy of celebration build up in you. Don’t waste this energy by shouting or looking at the others. You can wear a blindfold if you want. The dancing includes two or three moments of shouting the sound “Osho” and it finishes with three shouting of “Osho”. As Osho describes it, the word is meaningless. It simply means to use the sound to reach the silence beyond the words. Raising the hands to the stars means aspiring to a higher awareness. The shouting has to be really deep, as the lion’s roar, from the belly. It is not only from your tongue, not even from your throat or your heart. It hits under the navel. This is the place where you come from. The center of life is right under the navel. You have to watch from where it comes, you have to go inside to that source. It doesn’t only hits your center, your being, but it also brings you an extraordinary feeling of joy, of laughing, of dancing. It is celebration.

As Osho explains, ”The more total you are before the meditation, the deeper the silence will be, during the meditation.”

Stage 2: The Art of Listening

Here is the official description of this stage of the meditation, in English: The Art of Listening.

Stage 3: Gibberish and Let-Go

Here is the official description of this stage of the meditation, in English: Gibberish and Let-Go.

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