Meditation OSHO Laughing

Aici găsiţi descrierea meditaţiei în limba română: Meditatia OSHO Laughing

Laughing Meditation uses one of the oldest techniques through which the rational mind is put aside: the laughing. It is in the same time a very powerful therapeutic method to release  repressed emotions and allow the vital energy in our belly to surface. Although it is a much stronger process if done with a group of people, this technique is individual, all the time our attention must be focused on ourselves, the eyes being closed throughout the meditation.

Stage 1: Laughing – 20 minutes

Laugh. Without reason, without explanations… just feel the joy inside and let it come out. Brig your attention to the belly and feel a tingle inside. Let it grow and fill your whole body; slowly let yourself be carried away by the energy of laughter. The others can help you, but always come back to yourself, feel your own body. Be total, laugh with your whole being.

Stage 2: Silence  – 20 minutes

Lie on the ground with the belly touching the floor.  Be silent.

Stage 3: Celebration  – 20 minutes

When music starts, get up slowly and start dancing, celebrating with totality.

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