• Relationships are beautifull

    Posted on April 2, 2012 by in English Articles

    Relationship is beautiful, because it is a mirror. But there are stupid people: they see their face in the mirror, and they see it is ugly so they destroy the mirror. The logic is apparent: this mirror is making them ugly, so destroy the mirror and then you are beautiful.

    Relationship is a mirror. Wherever you are related with a person – a wife, a husband, a friend, a lover, an enemy – a mirror is there. The wife mirrors the husband. You can see yourself there, and if you see an ugly husband, don’t try to leave your wife – the ugliness is in you. Drop that ugliness!

    This mirror is beautiful, and be thankful to this mirror.

    But stupid and cowardly people always escape and renounce; brave and wise people always live in relationship, and use it as a mirror. Living with someone is a constant mirroring around you. Every moment the other reveals you, exposes you. The closer the relationship, the clearer is the mirror; the more distant the relationship, the mirror is not so clear.


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