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    Confined to a place you will be in misery, because you are always bigger than where you are
    confined. This is the misery – as if you are forcing yourself into a small bowl; the ocean is being
    forced into a small pot. The misery is bound to be there. This is the misery, and whenever this misery
    has been felt, the search for enlightenment arises, the search for the Brahma. Brahma means the
    infinite one. The search for moksha means the search for freedom. In a limited body you cannot be
    free; somewhere you will be a slave. Nowhere or everywhere you can be free.
    Look at the human mind: whatsoever the direction, it is always for freedom, searching for freedom.
    It may be political, it may be economic, it may be psychological, it may be religious – whatsoever
    the direction, but the human mind is always groping for freedom. Freedom seems to be the deepest
    need. Wherever human mind finds any barrier, any slavery, any limitation, it fights against t. The
    whole human history is a fight for freedom.

    Dimensions may be different. A Marx, a Lenin, they are fighting for economic freedom. A Gandhi, a
    Lincoln, they are fighting for political freedom. And there are thousands and thousands of slaveries,
    and the fight goes on. But one thing is certain – that somewhere, deep down, man is searching
    continuously for more and more freedom.


    Shiva says, and all the religions say, that you can become politically free, but the struggle will not
    cease. Only one type of slavery will be no more, but there are other types of slaveries there, and
    when you are politically free then you will become aware of other slaveries. Economic slavery can
    cease, but then you will become aware of other slaveries – sexual, psychological. This struggle
    cannot cease unless you begin to feel and know that you are everywhere. The moment you feel you
    are everywhere, freedom is attained.


    This freedom is not political, this freedom is not economical, not sociological. This freedom is
    existential. This freedom is total. That’s why we have called it moksha, total freedom. And then only
    can you be joyous. Joy or bliss is possible only when you are totally free.
    Really, to be totally free means joy. The joy is not a consequence, it is the very happening. When
    you are totally free you are joyous, you are blissful. This bliss is not happening as an effect. Freedom
    is bliss, slavery is misery. The moment you feel limited you are miserable; wherever you feel limited
    you feel miserable. When you feel unlimited, misery disappears. So misery exists in barriers, and
    bliss exists in a no-barrier land, in a no-barrier existence.
    Whenever you feel this freedom, joy happens to you. Even now, whenever you feel a certain
    freedom, even if it is not total, joy comes to you. You fall in love with somebody: a certain joy, a
    certain bliss happens to you. Why does it happen? Really, whenever you are in love with somebody,
    you have tossed aside your own attachment to the body. In a deep sense, now the other’s body has
    also become your body. You are not confined to your own body now; somebody else’s body has
    also become your body, it has also become your home, it has also become your abode. You feel
    a freedom Now you can move into the other and the other can move into you. In a limited way a
    barrier has fallen You are more than before.

    When you love someone you are more than you ever were; your being has increased, expanded.
    Your consciousness is not limited like it was before; it has reached a new realm. You feel a certain
    freedom in love. It is not total, and sooner or later you will feel again confined. You feel extended,
    but still finite. So those who really love, are sooner or later bound to fall into prayer.
    Prayer means a greater love. Prayer means a love with the whole existence. You now know the
    secret. You know a key, a secret key – that you loved a person, and the moment you loved, the
    doors opened and the barriers dissolved, and at least for one person more your being was expanded,
    increased. Now you know the secret key. If you can fall in love with the whole existence, you will not
    be the body.
    In deep love you become bodiless. When you are in love with someone you don’t feel yourself as
    a body. When you are not loved, when you are not in love, you feel yourself more as a body, you
    become more aware of the body. The body becomes a burden; you have to carry it. When you are
    loved, the body has lost weight. When you are loved and you are in love, you don’t feel gravitation
    has any effect on you. You can dance, you can fly really. In a deeper way the body is no more – but
    this is in a limited way. The same can happen when you are in love with the total existence.


    In love, joy comes to you. It is not pleasure. Remember, joy is not pleasure. Pleasure comes to
    you through the senses; joy come to you through being non-sensuous. Pleasures comes to you
    through the body; joy comes to you when you are not the body. When for a moment the body has disappeared and you are simply consciousness, then joy comes to you. When you are the body, pleasure can happen to you. It is always through the body. Pain is possible, pleasure is possible through the body. Joy is possible only when you are not the body.


    It happens ordinarily also, accidentally also. You are listening to music and suddenly gravitation is
    lost. You are so absorbed in it, you have forgotten your body. You are filled with music and you have
    become one with music. There is not a listener to it: the listener and the listened have become one.
    Only music exists; you are no more. You have expanded. Now you are flowing with musical notes,
    now there is no limit to you. The notes are dissolving into silence, and you are also dissolving into
    silence with them. The body is forgotten.
    Whenever the body is forgotten, it is tossed aside unknowingly, unconsciously, and joy happens to
    you. Through Tantra and Yoga you can do it methodologically. Then it is not an accident; then you
    are the master of it. Then it is not happening to you; then you have the key in your hands and you
    can open the door whenever you want. Or, you can open the door forever and throw away the key;
    no need to close the door again.

    Joy happens in ordinary life also, but you don’t know how it happens. The happening is always
    when you are not the body – remember this. So whenever you again feel any moment of joy,
    become aware of whether you are the body in that moment or not. You will not be. Whenever joy
    is, the body is not. Not that the body disappears – the body remains, but you are not attached to it.
    You are not attached to it, you are not tethered to it. You have jumped out.
    You may have jumped out because of music, you may have jumped out because of a beautiful
    sunrise, you may have jumped out because a child was laughing, you may have jumped out because
    you were in love. Whatsoever the cause, but you have jumped out for a moment – out of the body.
    The body is there, but tossed aside; you are not attached to it. You have taken a flight.
    Through this technique, you know that one who is everywhere cannot be miserable; he is joyous, he
    is joy. So the more you become confined, the more miserable. Expand, push your boundaries away,
    and whenever you can, leave the body aside. You look in the sky and clouds are floating: move
    with the clouds, leave the body here on the earth. And the moon is there: move with the moon.
    Whenever you can forget the body, don’t miss the opportunity – go on a journey. And then you will
    become accustomed to what it means to be out of the body.

    And this is only a question of attention. Attachment is a question of attention. If you pay attention to
    the body, you are attached. If the attention has moved away, you are not attached.
    Look, for example: you are playing on the sports-grounds; you are playing hockey or volley-ball or
    something else. When you are deep in play, your attention is not on the body. Someone has hit your
    feet and the blood is flowing – you are not aware. The pain is there, but you are not there. The blood
    is flowing but you are out of the body. Your consciousness, your attention, may be flying with the
    ball, may be running with the ball. Your attention is somewhere else. The game finishes: suddenly
    you come back to the body, and the blood is there and the pain. And you wonder how it happened
    – when it happened and how it happened and how you were not aware of it.


    To be in the body, your attention is needed to be there. So remember it – wherever your attention
    is, you are there. If your attention is in the clouds, you are there. If your attention is in the flower, you are there. If your attention is in money, you are there. Your attention is your being. And if your
    attention is nowhere, you are everywhere.
    So the whole process of meditation is to be in such a state of consciousness where your attention is
    nowhere, there is no object to it. When there is no object to it, there is no body to you. Your attention
    creates the body. Your attention is your body. And when attention is nowhere, you are everywhere –
    joy happens to you. It is not good to say that it happens to you – you are it. It cannot leave you now;
    it is your very being. Freedom is joy, that’s why so much hankering after freedom.

    The second technique:

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